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7- Day Glute Bodyweight Challenge

Here’s this week 7-Day Bodyweight Glute Challenge. We are concentrating on the glute (bum) muscles. These bodyweight exercises are effective because many of them are isolated, focused glute movements. If our glutes don’t engage properly when we are lifting weights or running, not only are they not actually getting worked, but we also risk injury and overworking other muscles. So if you sit all day, whether it’s sitting at a desk, or driving, your glutes are probably underactive and you need to include some isolated, focused glute exercises to get them activated and working. You need to include these type bodyweight exercises so you can get your glutes to actually engage and work during compound heavy lifts like Squats or Deadlifts.

You can break the exercises up so that you are doing 4 exercises in the morning and repeat in the afternoon and evening. Or, you might decide to complete it all in one go. I personally break it up throughout the day and I find I don’t get bored of them! You need to find what suits you best  - the idea is they can be performed easily without having to get out equipment or be dressed in all your workout gear.

Click on the file below to download the challenge.

Best of Luck!


7 Day BW Challenge Glutes
Download PDF • 114KB

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